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Wikis are Web pages that can be viewed and modified by anyone with a Web browser and Internet access. Described as a composition system, a discussion medium, and a repository, wikis support asynchronous communication and group collaboration online. Their inherent simplicity gives students direct access to their content, which is crucial in group editing or other collaborative activities. Their versioning capability allows them to illustrate the evolution of thought processes as students interact with a site and its contents. Wikis are also being used as e-portfolios, highlighting their utility as a tool for collection and reflection. They may be the easiest, most effective Web-based collaboration tool in any instructional portfolio.
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Recording of the Webinar 19.11.2010

Neveh Channah Girls High School in the Etzion Bloc, Israel

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למידה והוראה בסביבת הווב 2 - יורם אורעד

Neveh Channah Wiki Projects

Neveh Channah Infolit Curriculum
Bible Portion Wiki Book (Hebrew)
The Parshat Hashavua Search Engine
Biblical Geographical Wiki (Hebrew)
Science Discoveries Project (Hebrew)
Ecological Environments Project (Hebrew)
In Our Back Yard - Hebrew Environment Project (Hebrew)
Wiki - Shut - Jewish Thought Wiki
From Jerusalem to Montreal
IFaces 2010
IFaces 2012
Movers and Shakers
Israel Faces
Israel Faces II
Women of Valor Project
Web2.0 Computer Club (Hebrew)
Food Chains Project (Hebrew)
Ecological Systems (Hebrew)