Resources for Using Interactive Whiteboards in Education

Reuven's Blog Posts
Writing in Hebrew on Promethean Boards- English
Opening the 2009-10 School Year with IWB's - Hebrew
The Staff and the Board - Hebrew
The Shaar Hanegev Conference - English
The Shaar Hanegev Conference Hebrew
On Installing IWB's (Hebrew)
IWB's First Steps(Hebrew)
Whiteboards - Administrivia (Hebrew)
The IWB - First Steps (English)

Ministry of Ed Interactive Whiteboard Project - MASA

Israeli Teachers on Using IWB's - MASA

Youtube video on Smartboards in Israel - Sara Beck

Choosing Interactive Whiteboards

Choosing Interactive Whiteboards - pdf

Interactive Whiteboards - Wikipedia

NCEF Interactive Whiteboard Resource List

Reports on Interactive Whiteboard Technologies

Interactive Whiteboard Resources from Shambles

Interactive Whiteboards on the Guardian

On Chris Betcher's Book on Interactive Whiteboards

Chris Betcher and Interactive White Boards - Sharon Peters' Blog

A Slightly Different Angle - Chris Betcher

Podcast on IWB Implementation - Chris Betcher

Smartboards in the Judaic Classroom - Avi Chai Wiki

Smart Board Jewish Educational Database - Legacy Heritage SmartBoart Project

Sharon Peters' Smartboard Bookmarks

IWBs in Secondary: Where is the Interaction?

So you have an IWB. Now what? - Workshop resources by Chris Betcher

Promethean Planet - Interactive whiteboard resources

Promethean Planet Global Teacher Features

Promethean Planet Active Tip Video Clips

Promethean Learning - Lessons on Use of Promethean Software

Interactive Whiteboard Resources For Teachers

Interactive Whiteboard Resources for All Subjects and Grades

Hitachi Interactive Whiteboards

Teacher's Toolbox - Uri Alon

The IW Revolution Ning

Marzano and IW Whiteboards